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Bring Stereograph (3D) images from the last century into a VR environment.

In the last century it was common to spend an evening viewing stereographs or stereoscope images (3D pictures) of various locations, events, and people. We are bringing this experience into a VR environment and bringing history to life!

Current platforms are:.


Calendarscribe – Beta

Create, manage and share calendars across organizations and with the world.

Calendar sharing is very inefficient – 1 person creates an event and 20 people need to recreate and manage the invite. With Calendarscribe you can subscribe to calendars of interest that will automatically update. Create the event once and it is automatically updated to all subscribers.


Sites to import, create, manage, and share web links and lists.

Create bookmark and site interest lists then share or publish globally. Organize and share information links both publicly and privately so that you have your best links at your fingertips. Available for corporations to ease data access and user search time for data.


Web link recommendation engine. Want to find and organize links that you like? Find other websites that are similar?

Web search has been very superficial and most web usage by users is only to 5 websites daily. We want to expand that and show other websites that you might want to visit on a regular basis.

Please fill out the contact form if you have any questions or want to look at our corporate offerings of the above platforms.