StereoGraphs in VR




Stereoscopes have a long history from over 100 years ago.  Commonly people would sit around the parlor in the evening and view 3D scenes of travel, locations, and discuss current news with these images.  It was more than photography, but an immersive method of “being there”.

Thousands were created over the core 50 years of stereography and once motion pictures came into play they waned in interest.

With the advent of VR we have the ability to easily browse these same images and bring history to life.

For more detail on the history of the stereoscope please visit Wikipedia!

Stereoscopes in VR

One of the core issues with any 3D viewing is parallax – basically not a cohesive coordination of the image and your eyes.  Your brain has to work harder to mesh the 2 images causing fatigue and strain.

When porting we did our best to correct for this but it is an inexact science due to the nature of how the images were taken.  So we have corrected based on pixels and location, but the original cameras often were offset as well.

To alleviate you can try to relax your eyes – for example look straight ahead through the images.  Other options are to look into the VR environment to let your eyes relax and readjust.

We will continue to work on this and have a few tricks up our sleeves!  Look for updates soon!

Stereoscopes and Content

100 years ago the world was a different place and what we consider offensive was not deemed so.  We have done our best to make initial images inoffensive, however, some may be more educational, or informative in the original state.

We have taken most of the images from the Library of Congress, they are free of copyright and can be shared if you like.  Look for the originals and typically there is a description on the back of the image which helps describe the scene.

If you have requests please let us know, we can build more categories and have many more images to add, but alas they do take up space…

Where are we?

Still on version 1 – we are working on making the app available for major platforms and increasing the exposure.

Once the major VR platforms are done, then we will increase the content library!

Current Platforms are: